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Foreign Professional Work Permit

Executive Decree No. 69 (of 17 April 2013) Foreign Professionals Amending Executive Order No. 17 of 11 May 1999, by which Articles 17 and 18 of Cabinet Decree No. 252 of December 30, 1971 are regulated A. Power of attorney and application through simple, original and copy paper. B. Certificate issued by the National Immigration […]

Italian migration grows in Panama

Venezuelans occupy the first position in applications for residency in the country. Venezuelans continue to occupy the first position of foreigners applying for permission to reside in the country since January figures from the National Migration Service said that of the 459 requests, 250 were approved and 209 rejected. The report of the institution explained […]

Passengers will be able to come to Panama to avoid pre rows immigration check

Panama. To reduce the time lines of migration in the Tocumen International Airport, the National Immigration Service opened an information system that will enable a security prechequeo before reaching the country. With this system, which can be used on computers, tablets and mobile phones, the traveler who comes to Panama, whether domestic or foreign must […]

Cuban migrants spend Christmas on the streets of Panama and Costa Rica

It will continue the migration crisis in Costa Rica with more than 7,000 Cubans stranded on its border because the member countries of the Central American Integration System (SICA) will not agree to a solution. Tuesday December 22 held a technical meeting of SICA in Mexico, despite the Cuban immigration issue was addressed, did not […]

Immigration numbers odds with perceptions of foreigners in the street

The Venezuelan head the list of foreigners granted residence in the 2014 and 2015 statistics In the past five years, the foreign population in the country reached 124.433 people who managed to acquire regulated residence or immigration status in the country. Statistics from the National Immigration realize that during 2014 and the first six months […]

Javier Carrillo Director of Immigration in an interview said that the number of migrants entering Colombian border for almost three thousand

Two thousand 795 people, coming from the continents of Africa and Asia, have illegally entered Panamanian territory by the Colombian border, a phenomenon explained the director of the National Immigration Service, Javier Carrillo, has increased year after year. Carrillo explained that people enter through South America (Ecuador, Brazil and Peru), land to cross the continent […]