Foreign Professional Work Permit

Executive Decree No. 69 (of 17 April 2013)

Foreign Professionals Amending Executive Order No. 17 of 11 May 1999, by which Articles 17 and 18 of Cabinet Decree No. 252 of December 30, 1971 are regulated

A. Power of attorney and application through simple, original and copy paper.

B. Certificate issued by the National Immigration Service, showing the immigration status of the applicant (8.00 timbres).

C. duly authenticated by a Notary Public, the driving license National Immigration Service, in stating the Permanent Resident, to the applicant Copy.

D. Copy of diploma or university degree, bachelor’s, master’s or doctorate, or duly authenticated Apostille.

E. Four passport photos with the applicant’s name written on the back.

Paragraph 1. When the extension of this type of permit is requested will not be necessary to present the document mentioned in paragraph D.

Source: Mitradel