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Panama has granted 1,839 residence permits to Venezuelans in 2015 grants

Francisco De Sola, president of the Chamber of Venezuelan-Panamanian Integration, the proximity of these two countries, coupled with the idiosyncrasies, legal certainty and the whole of public safety that exists in Panama makes the country attractive to the immigration process . Until June 10, 2015 have entered more than 123 thousand people from Venezuela to […]

Panama will establish a ‘labor migration profile’

Labour Minister announced that better mechanisms be established on a migration profile to manage that better labor mobility flows of migrant workers. Panama today pledged to the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to establish a labor migration profile and guarantee labor rights for domestic and foreign, said an official source. The matter was discussed by […]

Panamá establecerá un ‘perfil migratorio laboral’

El ministro de Trabajo anunció que se establecerán mejores mecanismos en un perfil migratorio, para manejar mejores flujos en esa movilidad laboral de los trabajadores migrantes. Panamá se comprometió hoy ante la Organización Internacional para las Migraciones (OIM) a establecer un perfil migratorio laboral y a garantizar los derechos laborales tanto para nacionales como extranjeros, dijo […]

Migration serves more than 1 million people in ports

The entry of citizens from different ports of migration control of January until the beginning of June 2015 amounted to 1.331.902 million people. The main movement is taken for airports, with 1.172.854 AIRPORT followed by 2fronteras with 128.860 citizens and ports where the figure is 30188 travelers. Importantly, these figures accounted for as inputs 261.304 corresponding to Panamanians. Among […]

85% of refugees in the country are Colombians

The ongoing armed conflict in the Republic of Colombia for half a century has caused the displacement of 10% of its population to neighboring countries in search of protection. One preferred by Colombian victims of clashes between the militia, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and the National Liberation Army, is Panama countries. Statistics from […]

El 85% de los refugiados en Panamá son colombianos

El conflicto armado que persiste en la República de Colombia desde hace medio siglo ha suscitado el desplazamiento del 10% de su población hacia naciones vecinas, en busca de protección. Uno de los países preferidos por los colombianos víctimas de los enfrentamientos entre la milicia, las Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionaras de Colombia y el Ejército de […]

Millionaires control almost half the world’s wealth in 2019

According to data collected in the study, by 2019 the millionaires will have control of 49% of global wealth. Millionaires will control within four years nearly half of global wealth, according to a study released today by the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). The report reveals that the number of millionaires grew in 2014 up to […]