Panama has granted 1,839 residence permits to Venezuelans in 2015 grants


Francisco De Sola, president of the Chamber of Venezuelan-Panamanian Integration, the proximity of these two countries, coupled with the idiosyncrasies, legal certainty and the whole of public safety that exists in Panama makes the country attractive to the immigration process .

Until June 10, 2015 have entered more than 123 thousand people from Venezuela to that nation and they have been granted residence permits to 1,839 Venezuelans.
For his part, Miguel Mejia, Panama’s ambassador to Venezuela, said that «when you emigrate, things will like and others not so, but the important thing is respect for the country that is opening doors and desire to work. We want a good migration of people and we know that in Venezuela this is the majority. «

Finally, he said that economic growth expected this year is 6%, with greater emphasis on the construction industry and building products.

Ernesto Chong de León, Ernesto Emilio Chong Coronado