Nearly one in Paso Canoas illegal Cubans, according to Costa Rica



Costa Rica authorities began deporting to Nicaragua today more than a hundred Cubans without legal status, while the border with Panama there are about a thousand waiting to enter, they reported Efe government sources.

Caribbean being deported to Costa Rica entered illegally in recent weeks and detained in a center of the Directorate of Immigration in San Jose.

The Director of Immigration of Costa Rica, Kathya Rodriguez, told reporters that «the government nicarag accepted teach Cubans who have the papers in order.»

Apart from them, there are now almost a thousand Cubans in Paso Canoas border with Panama, although authorities have said it is difficult to determine the exact number.

These migrants, who have been coming to Paso Canoas gradually in recent weeks, trying to enter Costa Rica to continue their journey to the US, but the Director of Immigration stressed that those who entered illegally «can not remain in Costa Rica and They will be returned to Panama. «

The Cubans, who require a visa to enter Costa Rica, arrived from Panama, staying in small hotels and pretend to be granted a pass to travel on Costa Rican territory and crossing into Nicaragua.

The Director of Immigration said «unknown» immigration procedures requiring them to Panama to these people.

Thursday migrants demonstrated in Paso Canoas asking for solutions to their situation, which in some cases is extreme, as they take several weeks at the border.

These people claim that arrived by plane to Ecuador and from there took buses to Colombia and then ships to Panama, where they moved overland to the border with Costa Rica.

This week the authorities of Costa Rica dismantled a gang engaged in, mainly Cuban foreign trade in their journey to the United States.