Convinced that the country’s future is youth, PMC Group imparts U talk at the Isthmus in order to encourage new entrepreneurs.

PMC Group gave a lecture at the Universidad del Istmo (Isthmus U), where it was stressed that a better future is necessary and essential that young people aspire to generate ideas that will lead to a short or medium term to establish their own businesses, to create jobs, contribute to the economy, and not become employees of a company, was one of the advice given to students by businessman Ernesto Chong Coronado, director of the company.

«Have goals, dream, the future belongs to them and the country relies on each one of you,» he said, while motivated professionals to not be afraid to invest in future projects undertaken.

Importantly, PMC Group is supporting young people with visionary goals, entrepreneurs, businessmen, to develop their business and become the entrepreneurs of tomorrow.