Decrease work permits to foreigners 8.2%




Until August 2015, the Ministry of Labor and Workforce Development (MITRADEL) approved a total of 6,459 work permits to foreigners. The figure is 8.2% lower than in the same period of 2014, when 7,035 permits were granted to foreigners so they could work in Panama.

From January to August 2015, the largest number of work permits for foreign professionals was granted to married to nationals, on the basis of 10% which allows companies Act, due to agreements with specific countries and humanitarian reason.

According to figures from MITRADEL, in the first eight months of the year 1,694 work permits were approved for foreign professionals who benefited from 26.2% of total approvals, 1,026 permits to persons married to Panamanian residents (15.9% ) 821 10% authorizations because they are entitled companies to hire employees from other countries (12.7%), 817 for agreements with specific countries (12.6%) and 714 for humanitarian reasons (11.1%).

Work permits were also approved without a specific reason to 372 foreigners (5.8%), 245 authorizations by specific treaties with Italy (3.8%), 207 approvals request confidential employees (3.2%), 112 permits for reasons Agreement Marrakech (1.7%) and 90 technicians (1.4%) employees.

For reasons of family reunification permits 86 (1.3%), for agreements produce their effects abroad authorizations 62 (1%), people who work in the City of Knowledge 57 permits (0.9%) and 48 approvals were also approved to refugees (0.7%).

Others benefit from work permits went to the request for custody, diplomatic status, status of experts, working for the Colon Free Zone, special permanent employee and the right of some companies to hire up to 15% of workers other countries.



Approved number of permits for foreign professionals.

In the first eight months of the year 1,694 work permits to foreign professionals were approved.