Italian migration grows in Panama

Venezuelans occupy the first position in applications for residency in the country.

Venezuelans continue to occupy the first position of foreigners applying for permission to reside in the country since January figures from the National Migration Service said that of the 459 requests, 250 were approved and 209 rejected.

The report of the institution explained that Colombians continue as number two on the list with 268 applications approved and 113 rejected, totaling 381 requests for residence, while the Italians were in the third place with 140, of the 136 that were approved and four rejected.

He added that Fourth native Dominican Republic made 137 applications, of which 88 were approved and 49 rejected and 111 Americans made the same request, of which 113 were approved and four were denied.

In sixth place are the Spanish with 116 applications for residence, of which 111 of the approved and denied in May, while 26 French and 18 Brazilians applied for legal residence in Panama and all were approved.

According to the National Immigration Service, at January 31, 2016 thousand 941 applications were processed, of which 456 thousand were approved and 485 denied.

According to statistics, 354 residence permits were given for being married to Panamanian (a), 329 friendly countries, 270 for being under the concept of 10 percent of a foreign company and 193 for being depediente, among other figures.