Cuban migrants spend Christmas on the streets of Panama and Costa Rica

It will continue the migration crisis in Costa Rica with more than 7,000 Cubans stranded on its border because the member countries of the Central American Integration System (SICA) will not agree to a solution.
Tuesday December 22 held a technical meeting of SICA in Mexico, despite the Cuban immigration issue was addressed, did not reach any conclusion.
Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solis, said his withdrawal from the political discussions of SICA following the lack of support from the Central American countries to allow the passage to the United States to the islanders stranded in his country.
Given this situation, and the refusal of countries like Nicaragua, Guatemala and Belize that Cubans transiting through its territory to reach the United States last December 19th the Costa Rican government announced the suspension of the delivery of temporary visas and the islanders the deportation of those who enter the country without the necessary permits.
Solis said that «Costa Rica is a serious country, who marries humanitarian thesis,» but he «can not continue to receive migrants.»
Nicaragua, for its part, insists that the Cubans are flown to the United States, but the American country said that according to its domestic law, they will give income to Cuban immigrants, but added that it is not possible to receive aerially because they would need the visa requirements. +
Deportations from Costa Rica to Panama would be made, if that’s the country they come from, or to other destinations if the migrant is convinced not to return to Cuba.
Meanwhile, shelters in Costa Rica reached the limit. Since 14 November, that country has delivered more than 7,000 temporary visas to Cuban immigrants who arrived by land across the border with Panama and that could not continue his route by closing the Nicaraguan border.
But the situation gets worse because at least 2,000 Cubans are stranded on the border between Panama and Costa Rica, because Costa Rica does not allow passage of most migrants.
Local media report that the crush of people in the Panamanian border abound odors and waste. They claim that the migrants who are outdoors and not in shelters, defecate in a public restroom.
Nicaragua requested suspension of the Cuban Adjustment Act in the US
The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega has insisted that the blame for the immigration crisis in Central America is therefore remains in force the Cuban Adjustment Act.
Ortega has proposed to neighboring countries to pressure US to delete the Act, which mandates that all Cubans receive set foot on US soil.
«It is considered to the United States directly responsible for this fatal situation and adds to fair and decent claim of the Government of Cuba to proceed with negotiations to establish a legal migration,» he said the Nicaraguan Foreign Ministry said in a statement.
Note that the immigration crisis began last November 15 when Nicaragua decided to close its border with Costa Rica to keep out Cubans, under the allegation that with them the country at risk security and sovereignty.


Ernesto Chong de León, Ernesto Emilio Chong Coronado