President Varela flexible analyzes the type of visa granted to Cubans


The President Juan Carlos Varela, announced that next September 9 will make a trip to strengthen trade relations with Cuba, while it looks forward to relax the visas for the citizens of the island.
He said that this trip aims to strengthen relations and increase trade in the island with the Colon Free Zone.

Recently, it was approved in first reading in the National Assembly an addendum to the protocol between Panama and Cuba, which allows tariff preferences in both directions.

In this protocol over 73 tariff lines included, which will allow to decrease the import tariff. Currently it is between 30% and 40%, and there have been reduced from 80% to 100%. This is expected to increase trade with the Free Zone in Colon.

Varela also said that with the normalization of relations between Cuba and the United States, it seeks to Panama continue to play an important role.

Furthermore, the president announced that it is considering relaxing the visas for Cuban citizens, happens to be restricted to stamped.

To grant visas for restricted nationalities required for granting go to investigation by the Security Council of the Nation.

Meanwhile, stamped visas are those awarded after fulfilling all the requirements under Migration and if they are approved, notify the Consulate of Panama in that country for the visa in the passport is stamped and the person to travel to Panama.

The security sectors of migration is further enhanced by the good relations with Cuba are handling are good. «- President Juan Carlos Varela of Panama..

Panama is a transit country required the time when hundreds of Cubans seeking to reach the «American Dream» and traveling from neighboring Colombia, as revealed in several installments of TVN News newspaper, which he dedicated spaces TVN disclosing the harsh reality of how Odyssey passing Cubans to reach the United States.


Ernesto Chong de León, Ernesto Emilio Chong Coronado