Why the debt of Venezuela with Panama went from US $ 600M to US $ 41M?


The debt that Venezuela maintains with businessmen from the Colon Free Zone (ZLC) in Panama rose from US $ 600 million to US $ 41 million and is not exactly a payment.

According to the latest reports by the Panamanian government a sparkler commitments corresponding to the purchase of merchandise for which payment must be converted to dollars and those approved by the Foreign Exchange Administration Commission (CADIVI) was performed.

A few months ago the Minister of Economy of Panama Dulcidio De La Guardia reported that the number who were driving were US $ 60 million, and only a few weeks ago it was known that that number dropped to US $ 41 million. When he asked why he had fallen in this way the amount, but said it should be Surse Pierpoint, the free zone manager who will answer that question.

Pierpoint explained that Panama as country exported goods for US $ 1,200 million to Venezuela, and that list presented CADIVI accounts are sent to the past administration and all companies that were not pulled ZLC.

He said the US $ 41 million was a sum of several years of debt that was supported CADIVI number and invoice and other documents. He added that perhaps the other companies were not presented because «doubt the possibility of recovering» or businessman could cash out the CADIVI system, and clarified that it was not required to present to submit their backs and were given several months before they prsentarán.

It recognizes that this figure is less than 10% of what they (ZLC) was recorded, which was US $ 600 million.
Meanwhile, Severo Sousa president of the Association of users indicated that Panama did not know how this debugging or who are on this list.

«We do not understand (the decrease of the figure), nor do we have explained,» said the businessman.

He said that when he made two years ago the first joint commission governments of US $ 1.200 million that was spoken at that time, was checked between the two parties that had backups for about US $ 500 or US $ 600 million, companies allegedly presented their backs . He also said he does not know what concerned backed debt at that time.

The union does not have a report or study of who is owed or how much as this was done directly with each employer. And now after he had an approach again, the number who have known are the US $ 41 million.
They wanted to know how this was done cleaning exercise.

Venezuela maintains restrictions for dollars and this has caused a problem payment providers. In addition to the Colon Free Zone this debt including the Panamanian airline Copa Airlines.

Source: http://www.americaeconomia.com/