Chile promotes trade with Panama



Chile’s ambassador, Francisco Cruz Fuenzalida, met yesterday with officials and businessmen of Panama and Chile to analyze the commercial potential of Chile industrial sector and what the expanded Panama Canal offers then.

He noted that both countries have a free trade agreement since 2008, very efficient, which places Panama as a priority partner of Chile, which has performed well, but you have to review. ‘Seeing what were the opportunities, winning sectors, earnings, weaknesses and where things can be improved, «he said.

‘I Panama is the first country in the business relationship with Chile in the subregion after Central America, which shows you what the potential and volume numbers’ he said.

During the meeting, Deputy Minister of Foreign Trade Chamber, Nestor Gonzalez, acknowledged that the trade balance of trade of Panama not only Chile but also with other countries in the region, is negative.

‘Unfortunately our balance of trade is negative. Chile is a producer and highly industrialized country. But if we see the other side of the coin, in terms of foreign direct investment and logistics system itself are well and that’s what we have to try to potentiate ‘he said.

According to the ambassador, between 2010 and 2014, total FOB Chile to Panama exports doubled from $ 92 million to $ 185 million.

‘We are not neighbors, we are not a huge market, we are not so close but we had the ability to build a shared commercial capacity’ said the Chilean ambassador.


‘Between 2010 and 2014, Chile’s exports to Panama increased from $ 92 million to $ 185 million’