They give the green light to foreign

Migracion Panamá
The president said that the State the right to decide who shall be reserved regularized

With two decrees of Cabinet to be published today in the Official Gazette, the Executive will allow foreigners who are in the country to obtain immigration status.

This was announced by President Juan Carlos Varela yesterday and said that interviews will be given to foreigners before the National Immigration Service (SMN).

The president clarified that the State the right to decide who regularized be reserved.

For the president of the Commission of the National Immigration Law Bar Association, Maria Isabel Saravia, this is a kind of extraordinary regularization ‘seems to be the same as the melting pot’.

He said ideally demonstrate that outsiders are productive for the country and pay social insurance.

Output immigrants

Yesterday, he set the second flight of Cubans to Mexico immigrants. According to Francisco Terrientes, Minister of Health, there will be two flights per day of Copa Airlines line, which will move 154, and the company Charter are 17 flights to move to 120. There are about 4,000 Cubans seeking to reach the United States, reported Terrientes.

A population census of immigrants resulted in a total of 1,465 men, women and children, plus a total of 14 pregnant women, and more than 1,200 immigrants have been evaluated in a hostel in Paso Canoas.

Terrientes added that there will be flights until May 25 and that these migrants must have a health certificate and purchase tickets for travel to Mexico, where they will step on the border.