Multimillion investments in Panama in 2016-2019


Line 2 of the Metro, the fourth bridge over the Panama Canal, the renovation of the northern city of Colon, the second terminal of the International Airport of Tocumen and the third and fourth line of power transmission are the megaprojects running or tender .
In response to popular criterion «slowness» of the Government in implementing the state budget, which employers and workers believe that harms private entities and their employees, the Minister of MEF Dulcidio Guard told the newspaper La Prensa on these constructions to «move» the economy.

The second phase of the capital Metro began last October, while the third line will start in 2017, according to the agreement signed with Japan, and includes the fourth bridge over the waterway that simultaneously allow railway traffic and driving towards the populous periphery west capital.

A government project implementation is the transformation of Columbus, mainly from the town center, new housing for low-income families and it is inserted in the proposed Colón Free Port, which is to create retail markets in urban areas, with tax benefits of the surrounding zone.

Another work that advance is two power transmission lines with a capacity of 800 thousand megawatts, from the west, where most of the hydroelectric power is concentrated to the cities most populated in the center and southeast of the country, the owner reported.

As a result of government investment and sustained economic development they gave rise to new business opportunities in all sectors said and cited the example of aviation, which currently links 81 cities Panama with daily and is estimated to serve 15 million Tocumen passengers in 2019.

Another growing sector is mining, and by the project concession to transnational First Quantum extracted 227 million tons of copper, 12 million ounces of gold and 250 tons of molybdenum (metal used in steel alloys) announced Guard .

In energy, Chevron and Vopak transnational work on increasing capacity of the fuel terminal located on the Atlantic side of the Canal, and additionally two gas terminals, which would start operations in 2018 and 2019 respectively will be implemented.

These latest investments and other planned as a new port on the Pacific side of the river route, are linked to the opening of its extension for crossing larger ships.

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