Missing more than 100,000 skilled workers

Multinational companies based in Panama can not find enough skilled professionals in the country and must look outside

The lack of specialized careers and skilled work forces in Panama multinational companies to seek human resources outside the country, official sources acknowledged.

The Director General of Multinational Corporations (SEM) of the Ministry of Trade and Industry (Mici), Jonathan Diaz, reported that the country provides employment benefits to foreigners who enter multinational companies in order to meet the demand for professionals the country lacks.

‘Law 41 August 2007 on Multinational Corporations, it states that for very specific activities can resort to labor outside under the executive or management level, «he said.

He explained that immigration benefits contemplated for permanent staff trust a visa for 5 years renewable for the same term and ‘does not limit the number of times the visa and passport reference may be extended’, according to Article 27 renovated in 2012 and 27-a authorized to apply for permanent residence.

For staff to provide technical training or services a visa is issued for three months, with one extension for the same duration.

For this trust scheme except the Panamanian Labor Code that places no limits on the percentage of workers hired (10% to 15%) for the fruit of their work abroad takes effect applies.

One reason is that multinational companies that reside in Panama can create a more stable and reliable with the staff they have in other regions climate.

The official said that the concept of the law is that SEM is a special regime which is promoted Panama as a country that can host operations of multinational companies.

Diaz added that the country is experiencing economic development, but unfortunately the existing demand for workers in multinational can not supply the current resource.

‘To me improve a little lack, companies have approached universities to make agreements or internships’ he said.

An official study revealed that Panama needed 159,000 skilled workers between 2015 and 2020. While the manager of government and community communications for Central America and the Caribbean of the US multinational Procter & Gamble (P & G), Melisa Perez, told acanthosis Efe that professional profiles company are seeking careers in engineering with specialization and marketing, because as it is outlined that company.

‘The exceptional rule of law 41 of the SEM allows companies like P & G hired professionals are racing, «added Perez.

He explained that an engineer from another country can not sign a document because it has no relevance, but if it can help solve logistical problems within the multinational.

The manager said the company P & G works with the State Technological University of Panama (UTP) to attract human resources.

He said officials from the police, customs and immigration regime known for 8 years and are aware of exceptions and the particularity of the law.

He also stressed that the country benefits and cultural exchange that occurs with professionals from other countries favors Panama.

Perez stressed that multinational companies also provide opportunities for Panamanians, when staff turnover occurs within companies to other countries.

‘The intention of the regional centers is to have a mix of people representing proportionally the largest markets in the region such as Mexico and Brazil. If we consider that the 600 employees we have, there are nearly 100 Panamanians, this means that we are represented in the market of the region, «said the executive.

More than 122 multinational companies based in Panama have invested 800 million dollars since 2007 to date, they have created more than five thousand new jobs, according to data from Mici.

Currently established businesses provide technology services, electricity, textile, automotive, perfumery, and others.


‘The country benefits from cultural exchange that exists between professionals’



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