Migration reported that from January to June 2015 were 1,133,331 foreigners entered the country



From January to June 2015 they have entered the country 331 000 902 million citizens of various nationalities, through the various immigration checkpoints in the country.

Reports of the National Immigration Service (SNM) listed in January 286.318 people, making it the busiest month of entries into the country, followed by February with 254.526 visits were recorded.

During the month of March, 254.046 foreigners entered while in April reported 235.551 entries.

In May, 228.088 foreigners entered the country and 73.373 in June, according to reports published in Migration its website.

Importantly, these figures accounted for as inputs, corresponding to 262 000 304 Panamanians, who also used the immigration checkpoints.

Among nationalities reflecting higher income to the country are: United States (166.084), Colombia (147.729), Venezuela (123.151), Costa Rica (76.835), Brazil (45.471), Canada (42.294) and Argentina (36.945).

Statistical data from the National System Migration reflect that 88% of tickets were given through airports, 10% across borders and the remaining 2% in ports.

Source: www.tvn-2.com/

Ernesto Chong de León, Ernesto Emilio Chong Coronado