Authorities clear about Panama effort against terrorism




Ernesto Chong de León, Ernesto Emilio Chong Coronado

After spreading multiple reactions by a «coalition against the Islamic State», officials clarified Tuesday that the efforts made have been confused Panama.

«Panama will not have an army, Panama knows what their strengths and weaknesses are and think that Panama would send an army to fight proactively against ISIS would be really unacceptable and irresponsible with the Panamanian people, that’s not really what happened,» he said today Gian Castillero, Economic affairs adviser to the Foreign Ministry in the x-RPC Radio program.

Castillero however, recognized that Panama on terrorism has «a role within the platform and the international community.» According Castillero the effort is aimed at strengthening the domestic banking system.

«Panama and the fight against drugs, money laundering have to focus their financial institutions to prevent financial center can be used to move money,» he said.

He added that the information obtained from France reveals no Panamanians affected by the attacks on Friday in Paris, and said several returned to Panama.

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