What are the grounds for cancellation of visas in Panama?

1 Fend sole purpose of marriage with a national, to obtain residency

2 acting against national security, public order, morality or public health, or for violating the rights and freedoms of individuals

3 In the case of permanent residents, absent in the country for more than two years, unless such absence is justified and authorized by the Director of the National Immigration Service

4 Make incompatible activities that served as a basis for granting the visa or permit non-resident, permanent resident or temporary resident. Making false statements and / or fraudulent or altered documents

5 Offer by itself or through third parties, any kind of promise or remuneration to ehercer any pressure aimed at altering the will of the funcinarios the National Immigration Service

6 Having been convicted for committing intentional crime or tax fraud

7 Cesar causes that led to the authorization of the respective permit or visa

8 Recidivism in not informing the National Immigration Service for the change of residence or cariacion information on the Foreign Resident Registration

9 He carries a multiple visa and stay in the country over the term authorized

10 Do not make notification of termination of employment in the t {Ermino provisions of Decree Law

11 Any other cause established in the Decree Law or regulations

Ernesto Chong de León, Ernesto Emilio Chong Coronado