The International Finance Summit begins today



With the presence of government authorities, representatives of the diplomatic corps and special guests, the first International Finance Summit, whose agenda addresses issues related to global and regional issues affecting foreign investment and international business and vision of organisms opens today international and multilateral banks on the challenges of the financial system and its contribution to promote the development of the countries of the region.

The event, organized by the Banking Association of Panama, with the participation of senior officials of the International Monetary Fund, the Inter-American Development Bank – IDB, the International Finance Corporation, World Bank Group and the CAF – Development Bank of America America, as speakers background.

The agenda also includes issues related to the development of the International Banking Center of Panama as a financial hub of the Americas and opportunities for financing projects in strategic sectors, among which stand out those related to real estate development, logistics and distribution, trade and industry, energy, tourism, securities and insurance and reinsurance.

Participate Minister of Economy and Finance Dulcidio De La Guardia and presidential advisor, Gian Castillero.