Panama to France raises its position: ‘We will not allow that discredits the country by the act of a company’


The Panamanian government said «the first of a series of contacts» with members of the Global Forum of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), after publication of the German newspaper Sueddeutsche Zeitung and the International Consortium of Journalists research (ICIJ, for its acronym in English), on the participation of the Panamanian firm Mossack Fonseca in complex networks through offshore companies for alleged illegal activities.

Jürgen Mossack: the business will continue
‘You have to separate the actions of a signature of the actions of the Republic of Panama’: Saint Malo
Panama will review their legal practices
It is the meeting between the Vice President and Foreign Minister, Isabel de Saint Malo de Alvarado, and Kareen Rispal, director for the Americas and the Caribbean of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At that meeting, Saint Malo de Alvarado transmitted to Rispal concern about recent statements by French Finance Minister Michel Sapin, on the re-registration of Panama in the «discriminatory» list of non-cooperative countries in the fight against tax evasion.

Panamanian Foreign Minister informed the French official «not be allowed to discredit the country by some publications that put manifest the act of a company’s not a country,» says a note official press release.
Saint Malo de Alvarado also reiterated Rispal that the Panamanian government will install a committee of national and international experts «proven expertise» to assess current practices and propose measures to strengthen the transparency of financial systems and legal of country.

In 21 months in office, the administration of President Juan Carlos Varela has taken steps that enabled Panama out of the gray list of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) earlier this year and move to the second phase of the peer review of Global Forum, «with which the international community validated that our legal framework meets international standards,» the bulletin Chancellery.