PANAMA: Only lawyers can handle Panamanian Migration

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PANAMA: Only lawyers can handle Panamanian Migration. As an important achievement Immigration Law Commission of the National Bar Association (CNA) a resolution of the National Immigration Service (SNM) authorizing only Panamanian lawyers and interns duly authorized to make immigration procedures he described.

It was learned, and put into practice this resolution, based on the provisions of the Act 38 of 2000, Law 9 of 1984 and Decree Law 3 of 2008.

It was established that can manage only to the lawyers and clerks SNM (interns), assistants or interns Panamanian attorney or authorized by the civil society of lawyers in charge of the process.

Likewise, this authorization shall be in writing, letterhead if applicable, and will be attached copy of the identity and suitability of attorney and a copy of the identity card of the authorized person.

This authorization shall term of three months from the date of issuance and will apply for each process in particular, ie if an intern is authorized to submit a dossier, the same authorization will be used to process immigration status, multiple visa and all kinds of procedures in that period of time, if possible notification dossier.


Leon Ernesto Chong Ernesto Chong Coronado Emilio