Foreign artists must apply for permission in the Republic of Panama

The Ministry of Labor and Workforce Development, under Law 10 of 1974, which lays down rules to protect local and national music artist workers informs promoters and performing arts companies that foreigners who want to be in the Republic of Panama, including singers, musicians, animators, sound engineers, lighting, stagehands, make-up artists, choreographers and the like must apply for a work permit 20 days prior to the date of filing said Magsanda Abrego, head of the Department of Labor Migration MITRADEL.

She added that the application must be accompanied by the employment contract signed by the artist must be noted where the contract terms including payment of the artist, and it should make the payment of income tax and payment of union dues.

Abrego clarified that each presentation of a foreign artist, it must switch a Panamanian artist or group on equal terms, including the promotion and advertising of both artists. It must also be included in the show a national folk group. The contract with the Panamanian artist and the folk group must be submitted with the application for a work permit abroad.

He added that once completed the record, an officer will be assigned to perform the affiliation of the artist or foreign artists, who must comply with the place, date and time allocated for affiliation. In each of the presentations of foreign artists will be the staff of the Ministry of Labor and Workforce Development, verifying that present a Panamanian artist and a folk group.

If the promoter or foreign artist not comply with the procedures outlined by Law 10 of 1974 and Executive Decree 38 of 1985, shall be subject to appropriate fines and the cancellation of the presentation of the artist. This procedure also applies to foreign artists are presented in the Republic of Panama, by promotion, donation or exchange of any kind, concluded the Chief of Labor Migration MITRADEL.


Ernesto Chong de León, Ernesto Emilio Chong Coronado