Draft regulating journalism in Panama

Blanca Gomez, president of the National Association of Journalists, spoke Tuesday to draft related to the regulation of the profession of journalism in Panama, a draft of which are working for submission to the plenary of the National Assembly (AN), on Tuesday 28 July.

He clarified that it is «a law of Career» and not «a press law». Gomez said that there are some people in positions of management and are also «locutando news, advertisements,» without the license required for that Speech, so in his view, it must regulate.

«… I think we already have enough years to get long pants and start normarnos ourselves to demand that our profession is respected, that does not mean we have to be afraid of a certification, that is our support and that support is going to give the title that you have … it is a professional certification. »

He also said that in the draft envisaged a minimum wage for those journalists who are starting their working lives. «… We can not accept that a graduate has been prepared and worked for five and six, will consider the same level as a minimum wage of a worker,» he said.

Gomez sent a message to media owners, representatives and President Juan Carlos Varela, saying that «journalists have made a significant contribution for democracy in this country.»

Furthermore, Manifesti it can not be that journalists were tilde unprepared when «there are many who are exercising are not journalists and that is where we want the distinction be made.»

Source: http://www.telemetro.com/


Ernesto Chong de León, Ernesto Emilio Chong Coronado