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IMF: extension of the Panama Canal help keep its growth rate

In its annual review of the Panamanian economy, known as Article IV, the Fund noted that Panama’s growth slowed in 2014 to stand at 6.2% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The International Monetary Fund said yesterday that the Canal expansion and entry into operation of the new copper mine in Panama will allow the Central […]

Migration reported that from January to June 2015 were 1,133,331 foreigners entered the country

  From January to June 2015 they have entered the country 331 000 902 million citizens of various nationalities, through the various immigration checkpoints in the country. Reports of the National Immigration Service (SNM) listed in January 286.318 people, making it the busiest month of entries into the country, followed by February with 254.526 visits […]

Migración reporta que de enero a junio de 2015 han entrado al país 1.133.331 extranjeros

De enero a junio de 2015 han ingresado al país un millón 331 mil 902 ciudadanos de diversas nacionalidades,  a través de los diferentes puestos de control migratorio del país. Reportes del Servicio Nacional de Migración (SNM) detallan que  en enero se registraron 286,318 personas, convirtiéndose en el mes con mayor afluencia de entradas al país, […]